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S & S Onsite Analyticalís staff of professionals and affiliate mobile laboratory companies have a combined analytical experience level of over 95 years in on-site environmental testing for organic and inorganic compounds. Coupled with the ability to operate seven fully staffed and equipped mobile laboratories, we have the ability to service virtually all of your analytical needs - including analyzing air, water, and soil samples. This experience encompasses site investigations, emergency response, fixed based and mobile laboratory operations, international consulting, quality control, regulatory compliance, equipment installation/repair, and personnel training.

S & S Onsite Analytical was conceived and built around a commitment to provide high quality data and service to the clients that use mobile laboratory services. Each member of the staff has worked on a variety of sites ranging from short one and two day projects to projects that extend for several months in duration. The staff of S & S Onsite Analytical also has an excellent understanding of the costs associated with both large and small environmental projects. Large remediation projects can easily spend thousands of dollars per day in equipment and personnel costs. The longer that the equipment and personnel are on site, the more expensive the project becomes. Time IS money particularly in the environmental business. We understand the costs associated with environmental clean ups and realize that successful projects completed in a timely and professional manner equate to a satisfied client and the potential for further projects with that client.

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